Hot Coco: Guest Post with Poet Jeniann Bowers

For many years I lived a life of loneliness, depression, heartaches, sadness, hostility, anger, mad, and about every other negative feeling or emotion pumped through my veins from the time I woke up to, to the time I laid my head down. Believe me, the only thing that ever made my heart happy and full of love was my four kids and my poems. While my kids were my rock, my escape was poetry. Poems became my way of dealing with what was on my plate and what I only dreamed about at night. Phraseology and Letters is the book that I would describe the most during these moments. The first section of the book is about the love I dreamed about and the second half is the way my heart felt. The following poems are the ones that mean the most to me and the ones I want to share about.

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