Monday, February 2, 2015

Poetry Is...??? Blog Tour

1. Bad Company – If You Need Somebody

2. Bon Jovi – Born to Be My Baby

3. Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day

4. Bon Jovi – It's My Life

5. Bon Jovi ­ Livin' On A Prayer

6. Def Leppard – Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

7. Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide

8. Def Leppard – Miss You In A Heartbeat

9. Def Leppard – Love Bites

10. Def Leppard ­ Hysteria

11. Cheap Trick – The Flame

12. Journey – Faithfully

13. Journey – Separate Ways

14. Journey – Open Arms

15. Kiss – Forever

16. Motley Crue – Without You

17. Poison – Fallen Angel

18. Poison ­ Cry Tough

19. REO Speedwagon – Can't Fight This Feeling

20. April Wine – Rock Myself to Sleep

21. Foreigner ­ I Want to Know What Love Is

22. ZZ Top – Rough Boy

23. Mr. Mister ­ Broken Wings ­

24. Godsmack – Voodoo

25. Pink ­ Try

Why These Songs & Poems


 Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide “Why You” 

 As a poet who lives and breathes from feelings and emotions around me, I am deeply passionate about what a song says when I listen to it. And, I listen to a lot of music! And most would laugh if they knew how much I loved the rock scene of the 70's & 80's and the ones that continued on past the grunge area.. But these artists of this time period along with great poets is why I write. Such as Def Leppard, a huge fan and a lover of their lyrics. This song, even though released in 1996 and was a new released song on their album Vault, it is still one of my favorites and it inspired the poem “Why You.” The poem, “Why You” was written from the point of when a friendship may lead to something a little more serious and only one wants it. Most of us has encountered this at one time or another with a close friend who we start having feelings for and wanting more from the relationship. But then those awful words are said “Friendship Only” but you feel it to be lie or a cover up of fear because the other person has shown that they feel the same. I wrote this because I know exactly how it feels, your mind starts to play games and dreams interfere with your concentration during the day and you know that when that special someone said those words “Friendship Only” that is, when love and hate collide. “When Love & Hate Collide,” plays on my phone, I cannot but relate to how love and hate collides in our everyday relationships and how love has to be stronger than hate or hate wins and the love looses and then we find ourselves lost and broken.


 Def Leppard – Have Your Ever Needed Someone So Bad – “The Disease” 

 Again, being a huge fan and a lover of Def Leppard's lyrics. This song, even though released in 1992 and a classic song by on their album Adrenalize , it is still one of my favorites and it inspired the poem “The Disease” The poem, “The Disease” is about needing someone so bad and knowing that you toil with their heart and emotions to the point where they cannot handle the rush. But pride and fear are bigger and they turn and run but wanting you along. We have all felt love before or wanted love. Love is our biggest desire, need and want. There are times in our life that we will feel the need to have someone close and special to us, but sometimes that is rejected even when it is wanted. The poem, “The Disease “ was written for the ones who are searching or wanting that kind of love in their life but being rejected at the same time just makes the need of wanting that person even more so.


 Def Leppard – Miss You In A Heartbeat - “My Love For You” 
 Yes, Def Leppard rules my phone a little too much! This song was released in 1992 and a classic song on their album Retro Active, it is still one of my favorites and it inspired the poem “My Love For You.” And, yes, another love poem and wishing, wanting, hoping and never having the love. But love does not always mean that you have to be together in a full relationship to love someone forever. I have loved and still love many people that have come and gone from my life through the years. However, sometimes we go to our grave before we really hear someone confess their love for us. The next three poems and songs I hold very close to my heart. Here is why, when I was young, wild, crazy teenage girl, my first love committed suicide when he was only 16. These next three songs and poems stem from that time period when we thought nothing bad would ever tear us apart and we loved to hard.


 April Wine – Rock Myself to Sleep –“May Not Have You” 
 This song was the song he played all night on our first date. I still get the shivers when I think about him, that night and listen to this song. For many years after his death, I did just what this song title says, I rocked myself to sleep by listening to all of our favorite songs. And even after I was married I found myself at times hidden away from everyone listening and crying over the loss of him. The poem “ May Not Have You” was inspired from our relationship. We dated off and on for two years and then on tragic night it happened and after that I never felt completely whole ever again. And even though it has been 28 years since then, every now and then he pops in and out of my dreams and I wake up feeling young all over again.


 Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is - “Unknown to Me” 
 This song was the last song we ever listened to before he died. We had spent the day together hanging out, talking, laughing and even some tears fell that day...ten days later he was gone. When I think back to those days and him, I know he was my soul mate and that we were meant for each other. We had so much in common and our families were had a crazy story behind it too. Just so you know his dad was my mother's first love as well. But the poem, “Unknown to Me” is about finding your soul mate in life. Back then we were young, wild and crazy and didn't know this. But as I live my life now, I live for him as well. Even if I find love again which I know I will, he will still be apart of me me because it was all unknown to us and especially me that I would be living life for both of us, while he watches over me from heaven.


 Mr. Mister – Broken Wings - “Morning Glory” 
 This song has no real connection to him, it was a song I would play over and over again after he died. I would lock myself away and listen to it in my room for hours, because I felt that this song had a message to me from him. And, that message was, him telling me that we both had broken wings but we had to learn how to fly again. He did when he received his wings and I am still here trying to learn how to fly and free from the pain, and hurt I have had to go through in life from so much loss and hatred. The poem, “Morning Glory” was a poem I wrote to him, when I finally felt like I could say my goodbyes and but I will continue to cherish him in my heart and dreams. “Morning Glory” is my way of closing a chapter of my life that took 28 years to do, but one I know I can reopen with love at anytime and know he is here with me.


 The next two songs and poems have to do with my life and my dreams of rebuilding who I am today. Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day - “Struggles” Besides being a huge Def Leppard fan, I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi. And life gets me down and out at times and I just have to back up and play this song and move forward. My life, just like everyone else, is not easy. My kids, music and writing is what keeps me going. Take that away and I would seriously have to hurt! I live a life of chronic physical pain, anxiety and neuropathy and being a single mom who struggles to just make ends meet with no help from anyone can make life overwhelming, stressful and tough. The poem, “Struggles” is about my daily life and how hard it is sometimes to make it through the day and into the night. And when life hits me hard, I play this song, smile say “Have A Nice Day” and Kiss My A** to the world around me and dive into writing, my kids and my music.


 Poison – Cry Tough - “inkstand” This song, “Cry Tough” has always been a awesome song and one that I always held close when I felt things were fallen apart. A year ago, I threw my hands up and walked away from every dream I ever had. I allowed myself to fall into a deep dark depression and loneliness. Then, two months ago after friends and my kids convinced me into coming back to writing and publishing, I started to listen to this song again for inspirational purpose and because I loved and still love Poison. Sometimes we do have to fight harder than others have to for our dreams to come true and make things work so they can become a reality instead of a dream up there in the stars hanging over us waiting for us to catch them. My dream is just to write great poems and work hard to help others achieve theirs.

1. How is this poetry book different then your others?

A. This book is different from my other poetry books because I have stepped out of my comfort zone and into something new with my writing. Yes, it is still about life, love and struggles but it is more positive and more directed towards me changing as a person than about my dark past.

2. What poetry out of your 'Poetry Is...???' book is your favorite?

A. My favorite part is poetry. The poetry is a new view I have on myself as a person and my writing. I see myself changing and growing into a new person each day I wrote this book, I became a new me within the pages. One that faced a broken heart and lost friendship and one that also says goodbye to a part of my past that I never was able to do until now.

3. What writing projects are you working on now?

I am currently work on nothing right now...hahaha just joking! I am but that is a secret that I am not revealing to anyone right now. It is many projects in one.

4. When is your favorite time to write?

A. I have two favorite times to write, but I usually do all my writing when my kids are sleeping and its quite where I can have my music on low and no one is bothering me or screaming for “Mom.” My second favorite is right before bed when KayCee K. and I watch WWE Universe I will sit and write by my phone or tablet. I like my privacy, if I feel someone can read my writing I won't write. However, I am trying to step away from the computer and write my poetry by the power of pen and paper more.

5. Out of all your books what one was the hardest to write?

They all hold a special place in my heart. Expressions and Letters & Phraseology and Letters are probably the hardest to write but the most therapeutic of all my poetry. I wrote these in the last years of my marriage to my kids' father and through a deep dark depression era of my life. However, Poems, Dreams & More was actually the hardest because I was dealing with a lot of negativity within myself and self- doubt. I struggled hard to finish and publish it.

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