Interview for Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness

Interview with Hayden and Lindy by KayCee K & Poet Jeniann
Hi Hayden,
I have a few questions I would like to ask you about, is that okay?

Q.   What is your favorite stuff animal and why?
Hayden: Lindy because I have had her from when I was a baby and she’s good at fighting.

Q.   I hear your mom wrote a poem about a blue stuffed dog named “Lindy,” what is your thoughts about your mom writing a poem about you and your stuff animal?
Hayden: Good, happy and proud for my mom.

Q.   How old is Lindy?
Hayden: Lindy is 10.

Q.   What makes Lindy so special?
Hayden: She’s my third best friend. She is grayer now.

Q.   Do you have any questions for your mom?
Hayden: Like 300, when’s her birthday? When’s her birthday?
To Hayden from Mom:
Silly boy you ask me this question a hundred times a day every year after you have yours, my birthday is May 12th.

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