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Spring Dance

Rain falls at my feet,
Splish, Splash,
What a treat
Spring bash

Spring is here
With a cheer
That old man winter is gone
Up at dawn
To splish and splash
Mud puddle dash

Book Soundtrack

1.    Harry Potter (Theme Song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCNHVMIYqiA
2.    FUN Spring Song for kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZXdJ46IX0I
3.    Take Me Out to the Ballgame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8T5RT1lFUg
4.    Too Spooky For Me
5.                Winnie The Pooh Theme Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHYvpXe75b8
6.                Sesame Street Theme Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHp_Mq0hdxo

Top Ten Favorite Poem Lines from Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness

10. MINECRAFT RULES from “My Boys”
9. ONE-EYE JACK from “A Treasury Past”
8. “Mud puddle dash” from “Spring”
7. I cast a spell, a deadly curse, from “A Feared Man”
6. Things that scare me……bumps and bangs of the night from “Scary Nights”
5. OF green fungus between the toes from “Stinky Toes”
4. Such as cow-poop and hay from “Weather”
3. Because at home is where my heart from “My Heart”
2. Chase me/Kiss Me/ See if you can….Kiss attack from “Kiss attack”
1. And love in his heart from “Lindy”

I have a few questions I would like to ask you about, is that okay?

Q.   What is your favorite stuff animal and why?
Hayden: Lindy because I have had her from when I was a baby and she’s good at fighting.

Q.   I hear your mom wrote a poem about a blue stuffed dog named “Lindy,” what is your thoughts about your mom writing a poem about you and your stuff animal?
Hayden: Good, happy and proud for my mom.

Q.   How old is Lindy?
Hayden: Lindy is 10.

Q.   What makes Lindy so special?
Hayden: She’s my third best friend. She is grayer now.

Q.   Do you have any questions for your mom?
Hayden: Like 300, when’s her birthday? When’s her birthday?
To Hayden from Mom:
Silly boy you ask me this question a hundred times a day every year after you have yours, my birthday is May 12th

Poet Interview
Q.   What about poetry draws you in?
A.                That is a very good question and it’s the word play, emotions, feelings, shapes, soundscapes, and imagery; it all draws me in whenever I am writing every day, or reading and studying poetry. Poetry is a complete and humbling experience for me.

Q.   In regards to, Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness, what inspired you to write these poems and publish them?
A.                My children were my inspiration. When the moments were right, I would capture little things about them and write. Cupcakes was written after a birthday party, my youngest was enjoying them a little too much and the emotion that was on his face was priceless. Another poem that my children inspired was “Scary Nights,” my two daughters were discusses spirits, ghosts and other scary things and it led to them not being able to sleep that night.

Q. In the book, Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness, you write about a young boy and a stuff dog named Lindy, where did this theme and thought come from?
A. The poem “Lindy” came to me one day while Hayden was taking a nap with it. I was watching him sleep so peaceful and Lindy was tucked underneath his arm. The theme came to me as I wrote the poem and I drew of his emotions and feelings he was displaying them.

Q.   Who is Lindy and how was that named created?
A.                Lindy is a stuffed blue puppy dog that Hayden’s aunt sent to me during my pregnancy and it has been with him every day since. Lindy is named after his aunt, Aunt Linda.

Q.   When was this poem written and how did it make you feel?
A.                The poem was written when Hayden was seven. This poem warms my heart and brings a smile to my face whenever I read it to Hayden. I love this poem because it is about my son and his favorite toy he ever received.

Q.   Tell us a little about couple other poems in your book, Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness?
A.                The two poems that I would like to discuss is: “Tummies” and Up in the rusty attic” Both of these are simple list poems that I made from random list of items. “Tummies” was written from desserts I had thought of one day while playing with words and the fragment came to me about, “What if” someone ate all of these. As for the poem; “Up in the rusty attic” came to me one day as I was daydreaming about what it would be like to move into an old home and find a bunch of treasures up in the attic. I love list poems because they are fun to create and the fragments of the poem fits together with a great soundscape.

Q.   How does this book of poetry hold up compared to your other poetry books?
A.                This book is different from my past work of love poems and poems about life in general. This book is the lighter side of silliness in my writing and as done quite well, with being in the Top 100 on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK and France. Not bragging, but I am very proud of this book and I am stirring myself more towards this type of writing than love poetry right now. Not, that I will stop writing love poems, because they also do well too but I am stepping out of my comfort zone and seeking, studying and growing my work for my next book.

Q.   Is there going to be other poetry books with this same similarity?
A.                Yes, there will be more! That is all I am sharing at the moment.

Q.   How long does it take you to come up with a fragment of a poem and take it to completion?
A.                I used to just sit, think and write but I have changed things a lot since then. Now, I do projects with my writing. One is called a writer’s notebook where I write pieces of fragments of thoughts, feeling, lists, and sketch images in and then I pull expressions together to create the starting of a poem such as:
The satisfaction of a smile…with this I would sit and create a list of the soundscape of a smile from a friend, family member or a complete stranger. Just like this: Sweet, tender, generosity, warmth, symbol of happiness,      kindness, caring and etc. Then I would start my poem:

Have you ever felt the satisfaction of a smile?
Yes, I am taking about the sweet tender smile,

The one that creeps upon your face
Whenever you are in your special place

Your smile can show generosity, kindness and caring
Always a joyous thing

Have you smiled today?
Yes! Why do you must ask?

Because, the gesture of warmth may display the heart,
Which is why, a smile cannot keep apart

The satisfaction of a smile is nothing more than;
A symbolism of happiness that you can….
That is how my poems usually take their formation, soundscapes, and imagery. Then I draft them into a second writer’s notebook where I keep them until I am ready to publish then I pull them all together into different areas of poetry themes. Once this stage is completed then I share them with my daughter KayCee K, who also helps me edit and publish.

Q.   What are you currently working on?
A.                Right now, I am currently enrolled into a few free courses online that helps poet’s develop and grow their work. But, on the side I am always jotting fragments down, writing every day and studying different eras of poetry and the poets.

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