Twitter Party with Author @Carolyn_Mathews

Q. @Carolyn_Mathews Use only a few words to tell us about the Pandora series? 
A. It didn't start out as a series but she got into my head, so now I'm writing no 3 (final one) contd Pandora's a free spirit, interested in New Agery but in a spiritual way. And also someone who loves life.

Q. @Carolyn_Mathews - Did you write when you were a kid or teenager? 
A. So long ago I can't remember:-) I got really interested in middle age. More life experience makes it easier

Q. @Carolyn_Mathews - If you could co-write with an author how would it be?
Q. @Carolyn_Mathews - What is a message from your books, that you hope readers will take after reading them? 
My books are designed to appeal to the heart and soul. One message is to stop repeating harmful patterns... contd. They're supposed to be humorous in parts, so message 2 - don't take life too seriously :-)

Q. for @Carolyn_Mathews from @CityLifeReader -  Who or how did the design of your covers happen?
Transforming Pandora was chosen by the publisher. Squaring Circles cover by my friend Damian.. contd. ...He's also known as Aminya. Here's his website …

Q. for @Carolyn_Mathews - If you could tell one thing to Pandora what would you say? 
A. My advice to Pandora (and to everyone) is to surrender to the flow of life - the hardest thing in the world!

Q. @Carolyn_Mathews - What advice would you give to people who "run out of creativity" when writing? 
Q. @Carolyn_Mathews - What have you learned about your self after going through the writing stages of publishing books?
While I'm fairly confident of the #writing process, I find the responsibility of #bookmarketing weighs heavily!

Q. @Carolyn_Mathews - Why did you decide on the name 'Pandora'?  
One of the motifs is that she dislikes her name. That's why Mike calls her 'Suzy' and Jay calls her 'Andy'...


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