Friday, July 24, 2015

Interview with Author Kat Green

1. For people who haven't read 'The Black Eagles Series' can you tell us a little about

the series?

A. Strings, book 1 starts the series off with Melissa Webb, girlfriend to Luke Black the bands

front man, who’s missing. It begins with Melissa telling their story to the police. How they

met and what’s happened up until Luke goes missing. The story unfolds with a past and

present situation but it give you an insight of the journey they’ve taken. It covers the good

and bad of fame and how it’s not all glitz and glamour. They have to deal with a lot of issues,

heartache and this being hard enough for a person who isn’t in the limelight. They have to

cope with the world watching their every move and commenting on it. Strings ends at a

point where I hope you have enough of a conclusion to be able to be happy with it.

Encore follows on from Strings and has some of the few unanswered questions wrapped up

but I made sure that all important ones were covered in Strings. It’s what has been left

behind and how will they come back from such a string events. Can they? It also links others

that they had no idea had even been tagged into it; a trail of destruction has been left

behind but is it over?

I wanted to write something that gave more of an insight to life in a band and being on the

road and how it can be much harder than it seems.

2. How do you think fans of book 1 will reacted to book 2?

A. I hope they are happy with the journey I’ve taken the characters on. I’ve no idea what

they will think but I just hope I haven’t disappointed. Although I have thrown in more drama

just to keep your hearts stopping. I hope ..

3. Are there new characters in book 2? If so can you tell us a bit about them?

A. Yes, There is a new band that causes some trouble.

4. Did you enjoy writing book 2 more then 1?

A. I actually found it harder because on the first there were no expectations. The

second had people waiting to find out what happens next so I felt the pressure.

However, I did feel less scared about putting it out there. I was still obviously

nervous but putting your work out for the first time to the world was terrifying.

When I hit submit on Strings and it went to the processing part to go live I felt

physically sick. Knowing I had support already was comforting. The writing aspect of

it I always enjoy.

5. Was writing and publishes Encore, different then Strings?

A. The only difference was the process was quicker on Encore as I had everything set up and

ready to go for publishing. I didn’t panic as much with Encore, Strings I would keep re

reading and changing things when really I didn’t need to. I think it was more a way of

delaying it because I was scared stiff. Encore I couldn’t wait to publish.

6. What was the hardest part to write of book 2?

A. How to start the second book, I wanted to wrap up book 1 without boring my readers but

giving them enough to finalise the immediate outcome of the events of Strings. I wanted to

then move the story along and get to what was next in store for the characters.

7. Do you have a favorite scene from Encore?

A. ha ha I have several but I do like a scene that involved Death Wishes .. I enjoyed writing

that part.

8. Use three words to tell us about Encore?

A.  Heart racing drama

9. When design the cover for Encore, did you know what you wanted?

A. Yes, more or less. The idea was in my head and the designer just added a few extras

which I loved.

10. Have you started writing book 3? Can you tell us how you are feeling about writing book?

A. Oh yes! I’m excited to be writing it. When I started Strings it was supposed to be just one

book, but as I got going I knew I could do more and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the

characters. With book 3 I’ve come to a point where I’m ready to let them go, mostly. I don’t

want to drag it out to the point it loses something. Unless I become inspired and another

great storyline pops into my head this will be the final part. Although I will end it in a way

that leaves the door open. I am considering some back stories but I’m not promising at this


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