Code Name: Fox and Mind Games

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Mia Bishop
What's was the writing process like for these two novellas? The writing process was very smooth. We brainstormed the novellas in less than a month, wrote them during November, and luckily for us when one of us gets an idea it’s very easy for the other to jump right in and know exactly what needs to happen.

What was the hardest part of co-writing? The hardest part, I’d say, is keeping everything that might crossover consistent. But we share a OneNote file where any relevant info is shared, we keep a running tally of descriptions, locations, and lore that the other might need to know so it was fairly easy.

What is your favorite part of write about witch, werewolves and this kind of world? World building and Lore building is my favorite part of writing anything paranormal. I love magical, strong females, and wild alpha males.

What is the hardest part of write about psychic? I think the hardest part is trying to balance what is happening in the mind versus what is or isn’t happening at the same time in the physical world.

How are these two novellas different from each other? Since each novella is written by a different author I’d say the writing styles are the main difference. According to our editor, Mind Games is more PNR and Code Name: Fox is more UF with romance mixed in.

A.L. Kessler

How did the idea of these two novellas come about?

Mia and I had been discussing two different, yet similar ideas and we decided to pull together and create a world we could both work in. We’ve worked together before, so we knew we could pull it off. We spent a couple weeks brain storming and coming up with the world and characters.

How does writing with two authors help the these novellas?

Readers get a bit of both writing styles and personalities. Mia is a little more PNR whereas mine is a bit more Urban Fantasy. We also get the advantage of different audiences to help with marketing purposes.

What was the hardest part of co-writing?

Consistency! Making sure the details of the world and story line match up from novella to novella. There was no clashing of personalities or any crazy drama which is nice. Mia is great to work with.

What is the Agency?

The Agency was created by the government to police the supernatural creatures where the human agencies can’t. But they have their own darker secrets and aren’t what they seem.

What is the Vampire Syndicate council?

The Syndicate council is actually made up of many difference supernatural creatures who supervise the mafia on goings of their respected race. They make sure that they stay within the agreements and work towards the goals that the Syndicate has placed on them.

What is the hardest part of write about shifter, vampire and this kind of world?

I don’t actually find anything particularly hard about this kind of world. It almost comes natural to me and maybe that’s because I spent my childhood imagining what it would be like for such creatures to exist in our world.

Top Ten Paranormal TV shows

I love tv, movies, books, and all matter of entertainment. It doesn’t have to be deep or philosophical, it just has to be entertaining. In our house, we love mindless TV crack that we can escape to during a lunch break or while my family and I are unwinding after a long day. Since I write Paranormal romance I thought I’d give my list for the Top Ten Paranormal genre (non-reality) TV shows.

10) Vampire Diaries- it gets the ten spot because I did eventually just stop watching. I really liked the first season, and then as time went on I lost interest.

9) Grimm- I know it’s lost viewers and is in its final season but I still love me some Nick.

8) The Magicians- I’m just getting into this one, so it might eventually move up on the list, but so far so good.

7) Angel- Just a few pegs below Buffy, but still just as good.

6) Constantine- Oh my goodness, I loved this show. It needs to be brought back.

5) Preacher- Tulip is my spirit animal.

4) Buffy- You can never go wrong going Old School

3) Lucifer- Lucifer in a suit, yes, please!

2) Supernatural- This show breaks my heart and yet I keep coming back. Plus, Sam and Dean without their shirts can rival any PNR book cover model.

1) Teen Wolf. Seriously this hits all the beats that make my little Paranormal Romance loving heart go pitter patter. Hot guys, beautiful and strong females, monsters, humor, lots, and lots of humor. Also, Parrish. Just Parrish. He’s all I need.

There is my list, what makes it onto your Top Ten for Paranormal TV shows?

Top Ten Internet Searches

As an author I get to research a lot of fun, weird, and sometimes scary things to make sure facts are straight or things are possible. This is my top ten research list.

10. How much of the world population would die if Yellowstone exploded. – 1/3 of the population, with more to follow from starvation. (Below the Surface-Short Story)

9. Different kind of raptors – this term didn’t refer to just one kind of dinosaur, I chose to go with the type that were thought to be a bit larger than a dog. (His Name in Rodger, A Case Files of Abigail Collins short story, available in Domesticated Velociraptors anthology)

8. Drug overdose symptoms – shortness of breath, unconsciousness or barely conscious, slurred words, lack of motor skills. (Code Name: Fox, Syndicate Novella Set One)

7. How long it takes for an eye ball to decompose – A couple months give or take (On Torn Wings/ Past Demons –Dark War Chronicles book 3&4)

6. How long it would take the plague to spread through humanity. – The plague can be spread through bodily fluids and would spread quicker in more populated areas and the effects can be seen as soon as 24 hours after infection. (Just a Little Death, Children of the Apocalypse book 1)

5. How to fight with a scythe. – there’s no real way to fight with a scythe, they aren’t meant to be used as weapons. However, there is a royal guide to fighting with them, but it’s more for show. (Just a Little Death, Children of the Apocalypse book 1)

4. How many people Jack the Ripper killed – At least five. (Split Souls, short story)

3. How to make tea in the Victorian era – so very complicated, almost ritualistic (Of Brass and Magic)

2. Poltergeist -  there are some very interesting stories out there on these. (The Trouble with Ghosts, Here Witchy Witchy book 3)

1. If it was plausible to keep someone captive in a basement for an extended period of time. – Yes, yes it is, and there are some very modern examples as well as older ones. This was by fare the most terrifying thing I’ve had to research. (The Trouble with Ghosts, Here Witchy Witchy book 3)


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