Is Double Decker Books Back??


DDB took some time off but it's back ready to shine light onto writers from around the world. If your new here then welcome, if your coming back you may see that the blog has a new look. Not only a new look but the order page is redone, with new items added. There is still tours, Twitter party, book blasts, review events. But there are a few new items.

Instagram Tours -
Instagram is a HUGELY poplar site and I wanted to add something that would help writers shine light onto this platform. This is a tour where people take and post photos on their account of your book. (One photo per day during your tour. Also, please note that YOU the author are the ones who sends the books.)

Social Banner Package -
This is a overall deal that covers all platforms. Need new banners for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others then this is for you!

Social Blast -
Wanna blast some news, (New release, book sale, ect.) then this is for you. DDB makes graphics, people sign up and everyone posts and shares then all on the same day.

YouTube Tour -
Just like a tour, but moved to YouTube for a platform. During your tour people will be posting videos (One per day during your tour.) about your book. -Mostly reviews.- (Please note that YOU the author are the ones who sends the books.)


DDB also has a new sister site, Double the Books Magazine. It's a bookish magazine filled with interviews, writing tips, bookish articles, merch shops, poetry, and SO SO much more!!
You can learn more about it here on its WEBSITE!!


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