An Award, Is An Award, No Matter What. (DDB Award)

It's been brought to my knowledge that a poet who has won awards from Double Decker Books, has been going through some problems with other people about her calming she's an award winning poet. So, I am here to clear the air about past awards from this blog known as Double Decker Books Awards or DDB Awards. What are these awards? Simple, if you have been on Double Decker Books blog from one time frame to the next, you will be put into the awards. How does it work? I set up a Google Form where people can vote, by the end of the voting the person with the most votes win. There is an event hosted online, where I give out prizes to the guest, the awards, and guest authors & poets host giveaways and games of there own.

First, I DO NOT VOTE. I am the one running the awards so I feel that it is NOT RIGHT for me to VOTE. So, I DO NOT VOTE. The followers, readers, other authors & poets, their readers are all the people who VOTE. These are the kind of awards known as 'Fan Voted'.
(I have family and close friends who take part in these awards, so I just don't vote.)

Second, these awards aren't no high and mighty awards but they do mean something to some people. So, please, if a writer has said that they've won an awards small or big, don't just jump to conclusion that they are lying about winning (Just because you have not heard of that award.) or that they do not count because the award isn't a popular, or because it's a fan voted and isn't anything major. Just ask the writer about it before calling them out.

Lastly, I've been asked to remove her awards & posts, (I don't want to.) But it is the writers choice and I am going to respect her. JAnn Bowers once known as Jeniann Bowers has asked me to remove her awards from the blog and all of Double Decker Books social sites.
(Please note the photos below are photos of each year that she's won, the years total votes and how many JAnn Bowers/Jeniann Bowers had gotten each year. Also note that only a few people knew that she was my mom at the time as well.)

I hope this doesn't come off rude or anything but it's not right saying that JAnn only won because of who runs the awards. This is all based on other votes and the persons hard work. I know many people who have won and made posts about winning and so on. I wish nothing but the best to all who pour their hearts out into their works. Thank you for taking your time to read this.






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