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A lot of my ideas come from personal jokes with my children. The Retired Tooth Fairy is a perfect example! My daughter lost a tooth, so we started joking about this older fairy who wasn't very good at collecting teeth. From that fun moment with my daughter, my character came to life. @ssony711 think my kids would love your books how can we get them? I am also a silly person. I love corny jokes and coming up with things that are different from the norm. They can be found at . If you go to other sellers, I have a few autographed copies for sale.

I have more stories outlined about Bea's misadventures, and a spin-off of the teenage fairy, Adelia. In addition, there are plenty of short stories in between--including my unique version of a Zombie. Other than that, I like to spend my work time helping other artists as well with Book Reviews. I volunteer with the Midwest Book Review and have my column called "Jaclyn's Bookshelf"

Q. @JaclynMBartz - When did you know you wanted to be an Author & Artist? 
A. I have been writing & drawing since I was a little kid. But I didn't know until 2010. It just popped up! I had written private stories and was encourage to consider a career in either or, but no one ever said, "Hey, Jaclyn! Be an author for a living!" I fell into the "Staving Artist Mantra" and went for the safe career. ie Dentistry. But right before getting licensed, I got hurt and could no longer do the dental thing. And then Bea came along! She has breathed life into me just as much as I did to her. It was then that I realized I should be doing that... ..and I realized that I needed to stop listening to the critics.

Q. @JaclynMBartz – If you could meet one of your characters’ who would it be and why?
But if I had to choose, it would be Bea. We have a lot in common--klutzy, forgetful, but always trying to preserve ... when life gets tough! Even if those great ideas don't go as planned. ;P

Q. @JaclynMBartz – What do you hope kids learn or take away from your story? 
A. Bea is a creative problem-solver and always moves forward despite her limitations. I hope this story teaches them... to keep going when things get difficult. Having a positive attitude key when facing life's obstacles. Q. @JaclynMBartz – With Halloween just ending, have you ever thought of dressing up as one of your own characters’? I do think about that, but not just forHalloween. I think it would be neat to do book readings as the characters. I think... it would be fun for the kids to feel like they had a chance to truly meet the characters. Maybe I could convince my hubby ... to dress up like Bea! Ha ha...okay he wouldn't go for that! Sorry I am laughing at my own
work with. If Dr. Suess was alive, I think it would be really fun to work with him.

Q. @JaclynMBartz – Would you be a Tooth Fairy if you had the chance to be? 
A. DEFINITELY!!! It would be fun to have the ability to fly and use magic. But the best part would be seeing how... happy the kids would be the next morning! It would be an awesome experience!
The hardest step is that first step. So once that is completed then you are on your way!!! Also, don't let others' opinions deter you from what you want to do. Just go for it. It's worth it!

Q. @JaclynMBartz - Would you ever have bright blue hair like your character on your cover? Why or why not? 
A. I used to work for Spencer's when I was a teenager, and they dressed me up to promote a sale... I had on a blue wig, blue eyelashes, some crazy outfit, etc. It was fun to do for the day! You wouldn't believe that I am a.. ..a super shy person if you ran into me that day! So, in a way, yes! As long as it wasn't permanent. lol!

I also listen to music. It really helps with my creative process! I am actually jamming right now to "Chasing the Sun" by The wanted!

 Q. @JaclynMBartz – If you could have one magic power what would it be? 
A. I would like to have the ability to make people laugh, smile, and be happy. You know to be able to take away any sadness or worries they may be experiencing.

Q. @JaclynMBartz – Favorite kids book? 
A. Amelia Bedelia, Bunnicula....those are the two that pop up right away! I usually have a handful of I don't like having to pick just one! :D
And thanks to everyone here today! I loved getting the chance to connect with all of you! :D

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