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Q. When did the first ideas of these books come to you?
A. After my daughter did a retelling of the Frog Prince in school, the idea of Fateful started to come to me as I wondered, What if the curse was different from being a frog? And how would that curse be broken if it wasn’t a kiss?

Q. Did you always want to write? 
A. No. I was always an artist and a photographer. I didn’t realize I could write until my first story started coming to me.

Q. If you were stuck in your new book, what character would you like to meet?
A. Max, the knight.

Q. How did the cover of this book come about?
A. With an artistic past, I had the skills to do it myself. So I looked for stock photos to fit what I wanted and then created it in Photoshop. I couldn’t find models wearing what I wanted, so I had to create the armor and the dress in Photoshop using more stock photos. Both models were actually topless in the original picture.

Q. What was the hardest part of writing this new book? Was it harder then others you've written?
A. This book was easier to write than my other books because it’s my 5th book, and they got easier to write after the 2nd. Although, since Max is my most popular character, I was a bit worried about disappointing fans. So far the response has been very good.


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