November Author of the Month J.L. Weil

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 Interview Questions:

Q. For readers who don’t know about your book/s, tell us a little about them?
A. Romance is my favorite genre. I adore young love. There is nothing better than exploring that first kiss, those intense crazy feelings, and being so blissfully in love that nothing else matters.

I love to write about headstrong females with smart mouths that get them in loads of trouble, and drool-worthy alpha males who get knocked on their butt all in the name of love. Add a bit of paranormal and magic to the mix and that’s my recipe for a novel.

Q. When did you realize that writing is a passion of yours?
A. I was always very creative as a kid. I loved reading, drawing, and writing. But I never, ever imagined people would actually read what I wrote. Still boggles my mind.

Q. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?
A. I love myths and legends, particularly with those Celtic inspired.

Q. How do you overcome writes block?
A. Luckily, I haven’t experienced true writer’s block, but if I do get stuck or bored with my current WIP, I usually skip ahead and try writing a scene I’m jazzed about. It helps get the creative juices flowing.

Q. Are you a Plotting (plot out) and Pantsing (free writing) writing?
A. No plotting here. I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants. My style consists of a bunch of scribbled notes of ideas and scenes that come to me in the most inconvenient times, like when I’m stuck in traffic, in the shower, or waiting in line at the grocery store. Trying to piece those together in a story that flows can be interesting. Most of the time when I get to the end of a book, I’m shocked it all came together. I also think I suffer quite a bit from procrastination thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

Q. What is your next writing project?
A. Right now I am working Black Crow, book 2 in the Raven Series.

Q.  What are the steps for designing your covers?
A. I do design some of the covers myself like the Raven Series, and others I hire artists to bring my vision to life. I’m currently working with J.M. Rising Horse Creations on a cover for an upcoming series. She is wickedly talented. I do very much enjoy the process of creating a cover, however it is time consuming. I suspect in the future I will collaborating with J.M. Rising for my cover designs. She is so much better at it.

Q. If you could meet any of your characters’ who would you meet, and what would you do?
A. Chase Winters. No hesitation. Even though I created him, he fascinates me. There are many things I would like to do with Chase, but I think something adventurous would be fun. Get me out of my writing dungeon.

Q. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
A. Never stop writing, even if it is only a few sentences a day.

Q. If you could co-write with any author who would it be and why?
A. Definitely Nora Roberts. I adore her writing style and the romantic elements she weaves into her stories. She is my author role model.

Deep down, I knew everything wasn’t hunky-dory. She wasn’t magically better, but how convenient the mind worked to get what it really wanted.
And oh, I wanted her.
There was no denying that every fiber of my body wanted this. It had been weeks since my lips had touched hers, and the hunger came on swift and strong. I ached inside. Ached for the physical touch of her skin, of her soft, berry-flavored lips.
Using my tongue, I parted her lips and plunged, deepening the kiss. A thousand fires ignited inside me, joining into one flame I couldn’t contain. I was drowning in the sweetest fire. My hands inched under her shirt, splaying over her lower back. The world didn’t seem so screwed up when Angel was kissing my brains out. It was the greatest buzz.
She pulled back just slightly, her eyes capturing mine, and then she cupped the back of my neck, reclaiming the distance. Damn. She kissed me in a way that put all others to shame. It would have made the Angel I loved blush. There was nothing innocent or sweet as she nipped my lower lip, and I swore I tasted blood.
Her breathy moan nearly undid me, yet it was the wiggling of her hips that sent me over the edge. Our hearts sped up. I totally took the kiss there, throwing every worry and fear into it. It was then I felt the sudden change in her, but I was powerless to pull away. My demon was screaming, “Yes, yes, yes!” He loved the darker side of Angel, and it was tearing me in two. The struggle between my demon and me was the hardest I’d ever had to deal with.
I gripped her hips and pushed back. Her eyes. They were dark in the shadowy light, but the glimmer of red was undeniable.

They were wrong. So very wrong.

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