B.B. Blaque Interview

1.) When did you know you wanted to write this story?
My old man was after me to write this for quite a long time. The idea was born when I would hear the song "Tuesday's Gone" every day on my Pandora at work. I knew she had to be a character and began to envision her. I already had her half-sister Barely in mind, and knew her backstory, so I decided to put them together. We wanted a story we could collaborate on--and this is it.
2.) How is this story different from others in it's genre?
I haven't read a lot of the M.C. genre, and only slightly more of the BDSM genre. I intentionally don't read what I write so I don't accidentally adopt another author's style. That being said, I've been told my voice is unique, but beyond that, the combination of an M.C. with the BDSM world (completely intertwined, and based in the BDSM lifestyle) is from all reports (from readers to me) completely unique. These guys are no longer an outlaw M.C. (but have their roots there.) They are true, lifestyle Masters, and live by a very specific code of dominant "ethics" (for lack of a better term.)
I live both lifestyles--simultaneously--so it isn't about researching two genres, its about the worlds I exist in.
3.) How did the development of the cover come about?
It began with the main cover picture--the biker's back, with the 4 pc back patch tattoo (top/bottom rockers, center patch and M.C. patch) It went from looking more like an actual tattoo and developed into the brighter, more eye catching blue (of the club) as I made the teasers. I like to do some things off centered (graphically, it makes the eye look instead of being lazy and filling info in.) Once he was off centered, it made sense for me to put the female lead, Tuesday, under his arm, like a baby bird being under his protection. The gold/blue/black and silver are the colors that make up the patches of the club. The co-founders have the gold/silver/black and the regular patched guys have the black/blue/silver.)
4.) Do you have a writing process?
My first answer to this is always--chaos! In short, I use music, atmosphere, nature, experiences and weave it all together. Then, I go back in and layer (sometimes hidden meanings, profound things--sometimes sensory inclusions, other times emotional things.) I type, hand-write, record, listen, use Dragon--whatever method that works that day--to get the story out of my head and onto the pages.
5.) What's your favorite story?
Probably the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I've read it more times than I should ever admit to. Its the reason I hide things in deeper layers in my stories--for people like myself, who read and re-read books.
6.) If you could give one of your characters advice, who would it be and what would you tell them?
Wow, this is a hard question. I grow my characters across the story or series--everything that happens is a catalyst for something else, a molding experience coloring who they are.

I suppose, to any of them--enjoy the beauty in the pain, learn the lessons of all that happens, take the color you've been painted by the experience and use it in your future. Where there is darkness, light will soon shine--anything awful will be temporary--use the fertilizer and grow!
7.) What is your writing advice for other writers?
Write was you feel--what calls to your heart. We all have a different idea of our own personal mission statement in writing, but as long as you're true to yourself it's all good.
8.) What was the hardest past of writing this book?
There is a very intense fight scene (the second of two) that really pushes the hero, Colt Daniels, to adhere to the code of his club. I struggled--Colt struggled. It was difficult, but well worth the outcome. The other intense part is a backstory thread that I had to weave very carefully through the story. If I wrote the wrong thing here or there it could've been all for nothing. I grew a lot as an author during this book.
9.) What are you working on now?
I'm working on the final in the Not Even Death series (Forever Your Master.) I'm also deep into the follow up to my new release, The Masters M.C. #1-Property Of, (working title The Masters M.C. #2- "Beautiful Insanity"

10.) What's the best way for readers to reach you? Facebook, my main profile page (friend me, I don't bite!)


The Masters M.C. #1-Property Of
Angel to Butterfly #1-Golden Doll-

Not Even Death #1-Eternally Your Master-
Not Even Death #2-Still Your Master
Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master


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