Wanna Win a Custom Blog Tour? Here's How!

Wanna_Win_a_Custom_Blog_Tour_Here_s_HowSo YOU wanna win a custom blog tour? Well, here's how! The Poet JAnn Bowers is going to be having an event in her hometown, but she (And I) needs your help. (Please read her story below) I am raising funds to help her cover the cost of these events. She's disabled, a single parent who wants to share her poetry in a new way. But back to the giveaway, if you donate to the GoFundMe page I sat up, you'll be entered. For every dollar, you donate equals the number of entries into the giveaway. So, donate $1 that's one entry, donate $10 that's 10 entries. It's that simple. When donating make sure you add in the comment part that you learned about the fundraiser from Double Decker Books. aka (Learned about this from DDB) And you will be enters in to WIN!

Custom Blog Tour is built around you and your book/books. I will send you a list and you pick what you want as part of your tour, for example with or without reviews, how long it will run for if you want a twitter praty, custom banner, and graphics; and so on.

Custom Blog Tour is valued at $60.00 

Donate here!


JAnn Bowers is a disabled mom & poet, whose love & passion is for her kids, especially for her disabled son, and for her poetry.

JAnn has several books published through Pronoun and her books are found on most book selling sites. Even though her books are published she hardly makes anything off of them.

However, she would love to spread her words and experiences to a larger audience by doing a poetry event locally in her hometown. She does not have the funds to. All the funds will be used for the purchase of advertisements, refreshments, extra copies of her books for display and rental cost of the venue.  As well as any other cost of this event and up coming events.

JAnn's event is September 15, 2017, at the
Creative Arts Center in Eureka, MT. JAnn's has always had the dream of reading her poetry to a group and sharing her experiences about her writing & her love for poetry. These funds would mean her dream would come true.

JAnn would be so grateful for whatever amount is raised within due time. She welcomes you to sign up for her newsletter and a free Kindle book of your choice. Please sign up here .



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