Saturday, March 5, 2016

Interview with February Author of the Month Kimberley Griffiths Little

1.) How did the idea of this world come to you?

I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Mesopotamia and where the roots of belly dance came from (and I took belly-dancing classes, which I loved!). In my research, I became intrigued about the clash of the tribal women’s world and the Goddess Temples of Ashtoreth. Very sexy and dangerous stuff! Idol worship, decadence, and temple prostitution, all in the name of worshiping the goddess.  

2.) How has Jayden changed throughout these two books?

At first, Jayden feels as though she has no control over her own life. She’s betrothed at birth to the prince of her tribe—a coveted position—but she fears him as their marriage grows closer when she sees his cruelty and lack of care for her. Jayden has no say in her destiny, although she does love the desert because of her parents love for the stark and beautiful desert and their baby camels, but after Jayden’s official betrothal celebration her mother dies in childbirth and she is suddenly thrown into chaos within her tribe as well as being blackmailed for the murder of her king.

Life is uncertain and very dangerous, but Jayden rises to the challenge, becoming stronger with every trial and forging her own destiny when she falls in love with a boy from another tribe—someone who is forbidden to her, but someone that takes risks, including death, to help her.

3.) What keep's Jayden following her own path?

Her intense love for her family as she tries to save her baby sister from death on the desert and her older sister who is lured into temple prostitution, leading Jayden to also become banished from her tribe when she runs away to the temple for protection.

4.) What is it about forbidden romance that you think pulls readers in?

There’s an allure and excitement to dating the “bad boy”. Forbidden love is very epic and romantic. There’s this fantasy that we’re going to run away and live happily ever after. The idea that somebody will give up everything for us answers a deep-rooted need; unconditional, complete divine love.

5.) How does the fact that this story is set in the desert, impact the story its self?

The desert is definitely a character of the story. I love learning about and creating the settings of my books, and the setting is often the springboard for my stories, including my middle-grade novels with Scholastic which are set in the mysterious and spooky swamps of the South.

The setting can bring such sensory details into a story as well as natural plot problems. Jayden is challenged by the desert setting because it’s such a dangerous world having to cope with brutal heat, sandstorms, and danger from strangers and enemy tribes.

Great questions, KayCee! Thank you so much for having me here on Double Decker Books!

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