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We would like to announce the news about our promoting and marketing business. Double Decker Books is for you! The Double Decker Grand Opening is June 6, 2014! We love our Indie Authors so much that we are offering the first 5 Indie Authors free service of their choice for the weekend and then starting June 9, 2014 we are offering 50% OFF throughout our first week!

The Double Decker Books Menu

Cup of Teas Social Packs
Small size is tweets for 0.25 cents each per week
Medium is your choice of three social networks for 3.00 per week
Large is your choice of 5 social networks for 5.00 per week

Cookies or Cakes Book Reviews
Small platter of cookies is under 250 pages 2.00
Large piece of cake over 250 pages 4.00

Book Tours
Small Coffee is 2.50 which includes a post on Double Decker & Tweets
Medium Coffee is 5.00 which includes a post on Double Decker and 3 choices of social networks
Large Coffee is 10.00 which includes a post on the Double Decker, The Catch All 72 & Spilling Words plus 5 choices of social networks

Blog Spots (Interview)
Scones 1.00

And of course introducing the Double Decker!!
The Double Decker is a Large Cup of Tea, Cookies or Cakes, Large Coffee, and a Scone for 20.00

But that is not all; we would like to tell you about our FREE stuff as well!
Our Sandwiches Showcase of Authors will be chosen through application process of an interview process and a 300 word essay written by the Author stating why we should promote him/her and their work. Email us at doubledeckerbooks@gmail.com

Our cupcakes are just as delicious as your new cover on your next book. For FREE we will do any cover reveal!

Can’t have a Cup of Tea or Coffee without sugar!
Sugar cubes are our weekly giveaways!! Check back every Monday to enter. Winners will be announced and the prize will be announced on Friday!

Come join us! The fun has just begun here at Double Decker Books! 


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