Character Interview with Luke Black from The Black Eagles

Character Interview

Q1: How old were you when you started playing guitar?
LB: I was Twelve.  My mum gave me Chloe my acoustic guitar on my twelve birthday. That guitar is like another best friend, if anything ever happened to her it would be tragic.  I would sulk for weeks.  I have poured my heart out with her, wrote many a song with that guitar. It’s like a limb that is a part of me. It would hurt to lose her.

Q2: What was the first song that you wrote? And, Why?
LB: Pink Ribbons was my first song. It was written about a girl called Chloe who was my first real friend. We meet when we were 5; even then I had an eye for the girls. (Luke laughs, but then frowns.)  She died in a house fire on her seventh birthday, her death impacted on me so much. I was 7 years old and I didn’t understand it. How could she be gone? I had all these things I wanted to say and I didn’t know how to. So I didn’t and I locked her away, buried the pain. The guitar came along and suddenly I found an outlet. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it. It was the only way I could move on and accept it. Writing songs is how I cope with bad things in a positive way.  Hence naming my Guitar. That is my way of saying that I have never forgotten her and I never will.

Q3: If you were not in a band or doing anything music related. What job would you be doing?
LB: I would still be working in a petrol station, dying of boredom. I try not to think about it. I’m doing the only thing I want to do and have any skill in and it’s the best thing in the world. I’m the happiest person in the world when I’m on stage.

Q4: What was it like to go from playing to 20 people in a pub to what you’re doing now?
LB: Mind blowing, insane and I am still in shock. Everyone dreams of it but not everyone gets it. I am so thankful for every fan we have, we have some incredible fans. Some have been with us from the very start. Some have become friends. It’s nice and I will never take them for granted.

Q5: What song is your favourite to perform?
LB:  That’s easy ‘Weekend High’ I wrote that when I was twenty after a really bad relationship. It wasn’t really a relationship but at the time I didn’t see it.  It was just convenience and there was no love there we argued more than anything else.  I love the fact the fans go insane to it. My work is done and it’s what I set out to achieve.

Q6: Which song don’t you like?
LB: Hmmm.. I don’t really dislike any but I guess ‘Just another day wishing’ I think it’s quite slow for us and I sound like such a moaning old git. I was quite down when I wrote that. I don’t mind it but none of us really get excited about playing it. We drop it from sets sometimes, if I’m in a bad mood and I don’t want to do it, I won’t. Not a good song for me if I’m in a strop already. We get away with it as it isn’t a fan fave, some seemed to like it but not everyone. My mum loves it.

Q7: Which gig has been your favorite so far?
LB: That is harder to answer because every gig is amazing for all kinds of reasons. I don’t think it would be fair to choose one. That is like saying to one set of fans ‘Oh you were great’ and make other fans feel like you didn’t enjoy their show.  For sentimental reasons our third gig at Ruby’s back home will always be special. I meet my girlfriend there and it was what changed everything for me and us as a band.

Q9: There is story at the moment saying you proposed to Melissa? True or False?
LB: What? News to me. No, not true. She’s amazing though, one day, maybe. Right now I’m concentrating on my career and she is so supportive.

Q8: It’s a Saturday night and you’re not on tour. What would you be doing?
LB: I don’t see my girlfriend very much so we would either be catching up at home. (Luke winks and laughs) or I would be writing new material. I don’t really have spare time. I feel like I always have something to work on, or prepare for. When I’m on tour that is my party time, and when I’m home I calm it down a bit.

Q9: Who is your best friend?
LB: My band are my best mates but the ultimate title goes to Dale. He’s always there for me even when I’m being a dick, we’ve know each other for about 100 years. He’s a fucking ace best friend and he’s not a bad guitarist either.

Q10: What would you like to say to your fans about the gossip that surrounds you?
LB: That most of it is complete and utter Bollocks. If you haven’t heard it from me the chances are it isn’t true.  Just to clarify the latest story. The band is not splitting up. My girlfriend isn’t sleeping with my drummer, doesn’t have a drink problem and isn’t pregnant. and I haven’t proposed. Amazes me how many lies fly around.  I don’t care what they write about me as I’m really not that bothered by it.  I do care when my girlfriend is sobbing because people are calling her all kinds of things in the street or online over lies.

Q11: What annoys you about being in the limelight?
LB:  Just people’s need to lie. Write the truth or don’t bother. If people want to know something just ask me. I’ve no problem with having a chat but don’t make stuff up or I will pull you on it. I’m not scared of standing up for myself. Be warned.

Q12: Do you have any regrets?
LB: Yes. I would rather not say as it’s something that is causing me issues currently and I wish I could turn the clocks back so I never meet this person.  That’s all I’m willing to say.

Q13: What would you say annoys others about you?
LB: I’m a perfectionist. I drive everyone mad at times. We could have completely nailed a song but I will be thinking about making it better. I worry about things more than the others. There have been times where I’m trying to change a set list minutes before a show and that winds people up.

Q14: Would you change anything about the band?
LB: Hell no! We’re in a good place and there’s nobody else I would consider doing this with. They are my best mates and we have a laugh and without them I would be nowhere. Anyway, I don’t think anyone else would put up with me.

Q15: You have 48 hours to live. What would you do?
LB: I would put on the biggest show and say goodbye to my fans before spending whatever time I have left with the people I love. Hopefully write a song that will go down in history so I live on forever. Have a massive party and go out with a smile on face.

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