Decembers Author of the Month Playlist for Reluctant Guardian

Play list for Reluctant Guardian-- Songs about loss and redemption—They inspired me while I wrote.

  1. Down, by Jason Walker
  2. Holding on and Letting go, by Ross Copperman.
  3. Poison and Wine, by The Civil Wars
  4. Farewell, by Rosie Thomas
  5. Your Guardian Angel, by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  6. Almost Lover, by A Fine Frenzy
  7. Fix You, Javier Colon
  8. Nobody's Home, by Avril Lavigne
  9. Someone Like You, by Adele
  10. His Love, Vickey Pahnke & John Canaan
  11. My Own Worst Enemy, by Casting Crowns
  12. In My Arms, by Plumb
  13. Without You, byt David Guetta & Usher
  14. Possibility, by Lykke Li

These songs not only helped me be in the mood to write a story about suicide, death, abuse, and healing, but they helped me on my own road to healing after one of my dearest friends took her own life.

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