Sugar Cubes Weekly Giveaways

This week we are giving away.... 
Book Blast!
Cherry Chocolate Mocha book blast of a value of $10.00!
But if you win the prize is yours for Free! You'll get your book cover, blurb, link to book sent out to all our blog host to be published on the day of your choice. 
That means your book info will be published onto 15+ blogs!  

KayCee K

I'm  a 23, review & writer. I'm taking my first steps of sharing my writings with the world. I enjoy making stories, characters, and twist and turns, cliffhangers. I'm a big sister (love being one), I'm a fangirl of oh so many fandoms & Co-Owner of Double Decker Books! I believe being in yourself, stopping the hate and living in the moment. Words have power. (I'm a reviewer of books, movies, T.V., and other products, ect) 

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