Hot Coco - Excerpt 1 - Eye of The Storm

Excerpt 3
The sun was beginning its downward journey to the horizon. Trails of colors filled the sky giving me an unforgettable drive to Jay’s. He lived on the second floor of a very ordinary looking building. It was brick like most other buildings in Chesterville and a staircase supporting a shaky wrought iron hand rail brought me to his door.
There were no potted plants or chairs outside, nothing that said I love my abode, but definitely said I’m a college science nerd. I knocked and when the door was opened a young man, not Jay, greeted me.
“What’s up, E?” He put his hand in the air which I instinctively knew to high five.
I’m not sure if it would register as the oddest part of the day, since today had been riddled with peculiarity, but I knew his name and responded without thought. It was like my actions were being controlled by a hidden remote.
High fiving, I responded, “Ely,” I drug the y sound out, “Ready to get my studying on.”
Another young man picked me up from behind and twirled me through the air before setting me down in front of him. “Let me look at that hair.”
He moved his head side to side and placed his hand in front of his mouth and then back to his side and responded, “It’s not really you. It hides that inner gloom you wear so well.”
Inner gloom, that’s what would best describe what I was quickly finding out about Eilida. “Evie, Evie, Evie can’t a girl try something new?” I asked. Knowing his name came as no surprise either.

Jay stepped into the room wearing nothing but a towel that hung below his waist and threatened to fall off baring the beauty underneath. His abs were chiseled which I hadn’t noticed the other night. I bounded towards him and jumped, curling my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Still the towel lingered. He returned my affection with a kiss and put me down grabbing my arm as he pulled me towards the bedroom. Unable to control myself I pulled the towel off and it dropped to the floor.