Interview with Author of the Month Kiki Hamilton

Q. What made you decide you wanted to write Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy?
My daughter was about 10 at the time and we were reading and loving Harry Potter and I thought it would be fun to write a story for her. But the more I wrote, the more I loved it and I ended up writing what I wanted to read.

Q. What about magic draws you to it?
Everything!  The unknown power, the unlimited possibilities, the sheer fun of magic – what’s not to like?J

Q. If you could have any magical, item from any book, what would it be?
Harry’s wand.

Q. If you could spend a week inside any book what book would it be and why?
I’d go to Hogwarts in a second.  And Diagon Alley and that whole world – so much to do and explore!  Inside and outside the castle.

Q. Where did you get the idea for The Faerie Ring Series?
When I started writing The Faerie Ring I wasn’t intending to write a series. I had just read a faerie book that I had expected to love and instead really disliked. So I decided to write the book I wanted to read – voila! The Faerie Ring.  But when I got done with the first book I realized the story was far from over…..

Q. What is your next writing project and can you tell us a bit about it?
I have lots of things in the works – one is a time travel novel, one is an alternate history story about the Enigma machine that I started about four years ago, one is a contemporary romance and one is on off-shoot of The Faerie Ring but set in present times……however, I’m so busy in my real-world job I don’t know which one I’ll actually finish next.

Q. Do you read every review you get?
Haha – I try NOT to read any of my reviews. I do occasionally read a review or two, but I don’t write for the reviews – I write for the love of the story that only I can tell. People can be so mean for no reason. I don’t want that in my head.

Q. How do you go about developing characters?
I write in layers – structure, plot, characters, details.  Each revision brings depth to the story and the characters.  As you write, you learn backstory about them that you didn’t necessarily know when you started. Some parts of revision are very purposeful – to deepen the story – to make it three dimensional.  It takes a lot of time and hard work! But in the end, hopefully, the characters feel real and the story one that stays with you even after you finish reading the last page.

Q. Do you have any odd writing habits?
No, not really.  I just cram it in whenever I have time, which is less and less.  I keep everything about all my stories on my laptop so I can write whenever I feel like it.  I find that when I write fantasy I write in silence, but when I wrote my contemporary novel I listened to a playlist the entire time.  And it’s always nice to have some M&M’s nearby for inspiration! J



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