Cover Reveal: Untouch Me by Annabelle James

I know what you are thinking. If someone wanted to be untouched then something traumatic must have happen. In my case it’s the complete opposite. After seeing him, talking to him, touching him, growing close to him, I can’t seem to get him out my head. There’s a catch though. He has a secret. A family secret that bares so deep he is willing to forfeit his happiness and I’m so entrapped by him that I actually go along with it. Eventually I’ll get my happy ending right? Wrong! I couldn’t be more wrong. Shaking hands with the devil has its price ......... to end up utterly alone. Now that my heart can’t take it anymore, the only thing I can do is run. Run from my dreams of being a professional dancer, run away from my only friend, and run from the one person I have ever truly loved, to keep from messing his life up even worse.


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