Author Interview with Mya O'Malley

Why don't we start off by telling us about Naomi?
Naomi is the sequel/companion novel to Maggie, my latest paranormal mystery/romance.
In Naomi, I delve deeper into Naomi and Bryce’s relationship as another mysterious death threatens
to tear Naomi and Bryce apart. This time, the soul that’s seeking closure is far from innocent-
it’s Naomi’s dark, manipulative ex-boyfriend.

What's the hardest part about writing a second book in a series?
I loved writing my first sequel. With Maggie, I developed some of my favorite characters. These
characters stayed with me far after I finished writing Maggie, so I decided to continue their story.
That being said, I suppose one of the most challenging aspects of writing a sequel involves trying to
develop a fresh plot while keeping readers engaged with the lives of past characters.

How has Naomi changed from book one to this book?
Naomi will be challenged much more in Naomi- so much so that she begins to question her own
sanity.  The stress and pressures of trying to rid herself of a hostile, dangerous spirit challenges her
relationship with Bryce and his daughter, Holly.
Naomi  has to pull deep in order to find her inner strength, not only to save her relationships, but to
Keep herself alive amidst chaos and horror.

When is comes to writing about ghosts, do you have any tips?
Writing about ghosts can be challenging. I hate to admit it, but I’ve actually had several nightmares
when writing Maggie and Naomi.  Whatever book I happen to be writing sticks with even when
I’m not sitting down to write.  Immersing oneself in the subject matter is one tip I would give. For my
paranormal book, I researched many different aspects of the spirit world and even went to several
mediums to try to gain experience with the paranormal.  

What has been your favorite read so far of 2017?  
I loved reading Liane Moriarty’s Truly Madly Gulity.  There are always so many twists and surprises
with her writing. Big Little Lies was amazing as well, and I’m absolutely loving the HBO series.

Are there more books to this series? If so what are your plans for the series, if not why?

I was just going to mention my upcoming plans for the Maggie series! I have one more book to write
in this series. Right now I’m outlining my ideas for the last in this trilogy, but I can tell you that
Naomi will be visited by another spirit (no surprise) and this time, everything will come together as
Naomi realizes that her destiny is tied to all of these lost souls.

How do you keep a balance of love with mystery?
Balancing love with mystery comes easily for me. I love to weave in plots of romance supporting
my paranormal mysteries. I feel that readers can connect with relationships and all of the wonderful
experiences falling in love can bring you.  Who wouldn’t love the idea of a good romance amidst the
thrills of a paranormal mystery?

What keeps you writing?
Writing is in my soul. The stories are in my head and just when I think about taking a rest before
starting a new book, another idea forms. I love sharing my stories with others, it’s the most amazing
feeling; it never gets old.

Do you have any bad writing habits?  
I don’t know if I’d necessarily refer to it as a bad habit, but I find it hard to sit down and map out a
firm outline before writing. Inevitably, I wind up changing aspects of my plot as I dive deeper into
my stories.

Why do you feel reading is important?
As an author, it’s so important to expose yourself to different genres as well as various writing styles
I always try to write about what I enjoy. Reading opens up all those areas of your mind, just like
the process of writing.  Any connections between reading and writing are positive, and, in my

opinion, serve to make you a better writer.


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