Guest Post: A Modern Supernatural Thriller with a Gothic Romance

In Darkness We Must Abide
A Modern Supernatural Thriller with a Gothic Romance
By Rhiannon Frater

In Darkness We Must Abide is a very unique experience for me as a writer. Not only is it a serial with three complete seasons now released as a trilogy, but it’s also a story driven by the relationship between my two leads, Armando and Vanora.
Growing up, I loved gothic romance. Jane Eyre continues to be my all-time favorite novel. I used to gobble up Victoria Holt novels like candy. I loved the complications of a gothic romance. The characters were flawed, but somehow had dynamic chemistry. The endings were not always happy, but the couples were always fascinating to read about. It’s that type of romance I’ve infused into my serial.
Armando and Vanora are not perfect people. Armando is a 400-year-old vampire with many, many secrets. The Spanish vampire is often torn between his service to his mysterious, dangerous vampire Master and the feelings he has for Vanora and her family. Vanora is an albino, and the world is not always kind to her. Orphaned at a young age, she’s been raised by older siblings. To make matters even more complicated, Vanora has inherited her mother’s sixth sense and when she first meets Armando she senses danger. Despite all their difficulties, both characters’ actions are heavily influenced by their feelings for each other, in both good and bad ways.
When our story begins, Vanora is ten years old when her life changes forever, when her brother brings home their ancestors from Romania to be interred at their estate in Houston, Texas. When Roman has one of the old coffins unchanged, he unleashes an evil that threatens not only his life, but that of his two half-sisters, Alisha and Vanora.
A few years later, a mysterious stranger, Armando, enters her life and Vanora develops a mad crush on the charismatic Spanish vampire. All is not what it seems with Armando, and he is a keeper of many secrets that can potentially adversely affect her life. Throughout the first book, we witness Vanora growing up and becoming a strong young woman. By the end, Armando has taken note as well, which leads to the dramatic and heartbreaking events that reverberate through the two sequels
Armando and Vanora are at the core of the story as they face the ultimate evil that’s coming to destroy their lives. As always, the dynamic between the two characters is very intense and their relationship evolves in a way that I believe will make many of the fans happy. Armando is a complicated guy and though people love him, they don’t always trust him. As the story unfolded we get to see into the core of the vampire and his true thoughts and motivations.
The series is filled with elements of horror, adventure, drama, and gothic romance. There may even be a sexy scene or two. Of course, whether or not Vanora and Armando get a happy ending is questionable, but they’re both very determined characters that will fight until the very end.

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