Twitter Party with Ashley Townsend

 I had an amazing time host Author Ashley Townsend Twitter Party and hope we get the chance to do an other on. We hope we shared the word about her and her books. Here are the question and basic answer. Also with three of my favorite Tweet from the Party!

Q. for @TownsendTales - How long did it take to write #ChasingShadows ?
  1. First draft only took about 3 months, but I'm a total perfectionist, so the revisions took WAY LONGER! ^_^

Q. for @TownsendTales - When did you discover that your dream was to become an #author? asked by @ReadiculousGirl
  1. @ReadiculousGirl @doubled_books I turned 8 and discovered the thrill of embellishment. My path as a #author was pretty much set from there!
  2. Age 8. I discovered how much fun it was to "embellish" things, and it pretty much solidified my career. Ha!

Q. for @TownsendTales - How did you come up with the idea for your cover & who did the art?
  1. Roan Carter is a GENIUS! I knew I wanted Sarah's red dress from #ChasingShadows and Will on the cover,& he took it from there

Q. for @TownsendTales Where did you get your inspiration for the characters in #ChasingShadowsbook? asked by @ReadiculousGirl
Basically my fantasies. Sarah is a little like me (clumsy, sarcastic, norm) & WIll is ... *sighs* Dreamy.

Q. for @TownsendTales - Is #ChasingShadows the first book you've ever written?
  1. This is actually the sequel to "Rising Shadows," the first book I seriously wrote when I was 16. It's available on ebook.

Q. for @TownsendTales - Is there/ going to be a next book/books to  #ChasingShadows ?
  1. Heck yeah! I've already started penning away at the final installment and have TONS of other story ideas I'm working on.

Why did you pick the #legend of #RobinHood for your book, #ChasingShadowsbook? asked by @ReadiculousGirl
  1. I fixated on the story as a kid and then obsessed over the #BBC #RobinHood and knew I HAD to write it in

Q. for @TownsendTales - If someone wanted to know something about your book to, what would you say to make them read it?
  1. My favorite hook: Would you choose to entwine your fate with a hero of the past, even if it meant altering the future? Hehe.

Q. for @TownsendTales - What is your favorite part about  #ChasingShadows ?  
  1. ^__^ Everything! Enigmatic blacksmith Will Taylor, Sarah's sweetness, time travel, the medieval history aspect. It's awesome!
Q. for @TownsendTales - If you could travel through time, what era would you choose visit? asked by @ReadiculousGirl
  1. *rubs hands maniacally* Excellent. I'd do either the 12th or 19th century. Manners, clothing, blacksmiths.:)

Q. for @TownsendTales - If you could write a book with any person who would it be & why?
  1. Oh! @doubled_books @marissa_meyer @cjredwine @OfficiallyAlly. I. Love. Them! These authors are vastly different but all incredibly talented!

Q. for @TownsendTales - Would you ever let your book to be turned into a show or movie? If so what do you think would be the hardest part?
  1. Oh, yeah!I would so love to see my #book get turned into a motion picture. It would be like seeing my fantasy come to life.

Q. for @TownsendTales - What are you writing now?
  1. The finale for the #RisingShadowsTrilogy and a #Neverland #fantasy retelling. I'm really excited over this one. PIRATES!:-)

  1. for @TownsendTales What do you do to get get out of writer's block? asked by @OliviaRios18
  1. Snacks. Always snacks. And @Pinterest.;-) When #writersblock strikes, I break to pin #inspiration @doubled_books

Q. for @TownsendTales - Is there a character you wish you had thought of and  written before the original author?
My Damien from #ChasingShadows & Carswell Thorne from #Cress by @marissa_meyer are alike, but I wish I'd made Thorne 1st! ;)

Q. for @TownsendTales - What was the most played song while writing #ChasingShadows ?
#HeavyInYourArms by @florencemachine played about 500 times. The song went with some darker scenes I wrote & is just amazing!

Q. for @TownsendTales - What are you doing for #NationalTimepieceDay ?
  1. Eating Mexican food, enjoying my homemade seasonal cookies, and plotting out a huge scene for Book III in the trilogy. ^_^

Q. for @TownsendTales - How do you write by hand, typing or both?
  1. I use my laptop, but if inspiration strikes late at night or when I'm out, I always carry notepads for such an occasion. :-)

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