Big Ben: Author Giveaway with Author E.W. Brooks Mafietta Series

Clarke is an independent woman who’s always been secretly intrigued by the drug life. After hearing her friend describe the biggest dealer in town, she seeks him out and they fall in love. She just didn't know she'd have to get her hands dirty.

You could know someone your whole life and never know what they really want to be or what their real dream is. You will never know their innermost desires. Some of them, they are afraid to speak to the Universe—and some of them, they are afraid of admitting to themselves …”

Tensions flare between Clarke and Dee after Mike’s disappearance and a hidden hand is coming after Errol. As the death count rises, Clarke has to make a life changing decision.

 “I’m not going to show up, Errol. You are wasting your time. You promised me you’d stop killing people. I can’t go through with this. What about your son? Don’t you want a better life for him?”

Author Giveaway E.W.Brooks


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