Twitter Party with Mya O'Malley

Q. for @MyaOMalley - What inspired you to write 'If You Believe'?
A. I was inspired by the idea that true love never dies and that it can break through boundaries

Q. for @MyaOMalley – How did your cover design come about? 
A. oh I love that cover! Astraea Press provided me with the cover through Cora Graphics based on my plot and characters

Q. for @MyaOMalley – What’s your next writing project? Can you tell us a bit about it?
A. well I have a new Young Adult release coming out 1/14 next week with Solstice Publishing -it's a mermaid themed book - also I have a contemporary romance set in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy due out in Feb with TouchPoint Press. I'm currently starting another contemporary romance about a U.S. Marine and his fiancé - just starting that one but excited

Q. for @MyaOMalley – How do you write your books?
A. I draft the beginning of idea in my head and then start first draft developing story as I go along. I think about characters and plot as I go about my day, changing and developing as I'm writing.

Q. for @MyaOMalley – How many hours do you spend writing a day?
 A. it really depends- I work full time as a teacher so I mostly write on weekends, vacations but market and promote on cell. I market books while on line, watching TV etc you kind of get used to tweeting FB posts wherever lol

Q. for @@MyaOMalley – You’re a teacher, what class do you teach?
A.I currently teach grades 1 and 2 resource room special education. I'm certified through age 21 to teach. I've taught the elementary school level for the last 18 years

Q. for @MyaOMalley – Has any of your plots or characters been based on real life?
A. some very loosely - in my book At First Sight I exaggerated/changed up some online dating stories I had heard about

Q. for @MyaOMalley – When writing is there a food or drink you must have?
A. I would have to say coffee if I'm writing on the morning, sometimes I'll have a hot chocolate in the evening sometimes tea.

Q. for @MyaOMalley – Do you ever get writers block, if so how do you overcome it?
A. lol I had a bit of it over the holiday break, I was so busy with everything else - I just let it go and didn't force writing and then over the next day or so I was back on track.

Q. for @MyaOMalley – Out of all the books you have written, what one would you say is your favorite & why?
A. that's a really hard question they all have a special place -If You Believe was definitely the most emotional. Jack had me in tears - seriously every time I edited the book :)

Q. for @MyaOMalley – Is there a story plot you’ve been wanting to write but just haven’t been able to?
A. not at this point- I'm pretty much going with my ideas I just wish I had more time to write!
Q. for @MyaOMalley – What are you hoping for the New Year 2015?