Hot Coco: Character Interview Jack

Double Decker Books: It’s nice to have you here today, Jack. Can you tell us a little about your mission this holiday season?

Jack: Yes, first of all, I want to provide a bit of background. I was Melody’s husband and I died several years ago. Melody and I were very happy, planning for a bright future together. I’ve watched Melody from above and have witnessed and felt her pain as I see that she hasn’t moved on.
Double Decker Books: You mean she hasn’t met another man? Hasn’t fallen in love again?

Jack: Well, yes. But it’s so much more. The light has gone out of Melody’s eyes, her smile. She used to be happy, her smile contagious. It’s breaking my heart to see her so sad, I can’t move on until I see that Melody does.

Double Decker Books: Oh, that’s heartbreaking, Jack. I understand how hard this must be for you. So tell me, what is the plan?

Jack: (sighs) That’s where it gets really difficult for me. You see, I come down to Earth in disguise. I look completely different, I sound different. I tell Melody that my name is Oliver and work hard to befriend her.

Double Decker Books: Wow! You mean she has no idea that Oliver is really you?

Jack: Not at all, but she does seem to take notice of my eyes. You see, my eyes are the one thing that I couldn’t change. Melody and I become quite close as friends, but it hurts to be so close to her and not tell her that I love her, I can’t even hold her in my arms.

Double Decker Books: Why not? Not even as a good friend?

Jack: No, we had so much chemistry together in life that I felt a spark the one time I touched her, I fear that touching Melody would give away my true identity.  I have such a short period of time left on Earth to make Melody happy again, to find a man for her to fall in love with.

Double Decker Books: Wait- did you say that you want to find a man for Melody?

Jack: Yes. It’s the only way that Melody can really move on. As difficult as it sounds, I need to help her fall in love by Christmas Eve at midnight.

Double Decker Books: What happens then?

Jack: My time is up, at that point I can never come back to Earth again.

Double Decker Books: It seems that you’ve got your work cut out for you. I can’t imagine how you’re going to feel, seeing your Melody with another man.

Jack: That part is going to be the hardest, but my love for Melody is selfless, I want my Melody to love again, to be happy again. I’m willing to do this for her, I’ll always love her and I know she feels the same. Melody has enough love in that big heart of hers to let love in and keep our memories alive. My wish for Christmas this year is for Melody to find herself again and let go of the hurt.

Double Decker Books: Thank you so much for joining us today, it was a pleasure to meet you. Jack, one last question. What is your Christmas wish? What do you want more than anything this holiday season?

Jack: I’m wishing for a Christmas miracle.

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