Interview with Author Haley Hatch Freeman

Q. What is the hardest part of writing a book about yourself?
A. One would probably think it is the revealing of myself, the lack of privacy, but really the harder part was reliving the pain of the events.  Because I’m a different person now than I was as a teenager (the time period the book depicts) it isn’t hard for me to expose that part of me because that isn’t who I am anymore in terms of the illness. However difficult, the pain and the exposure and everything is worth it if I can help others avoid the heartache of an eating disorder or help someone through it.

Q. If someone was going through a hard time, what would you say to them?
A. There is hope, never give up. I have a section in the back of my book written from the most sincere part of my heart to those who are struggling with an eating disorder. All my advice from one person who has walked that path to another is in that “letter.”
I also dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts. My advice for someone going through this is to know how important it is to tell someone what you are going through. Don’t hide it. Get help. There is hope. Remember it isn’t life that you want to get out of, but it is the situation and the way you are living that you want to get out of. You can change that. You can change your situation.  Getting help is mandatory!

Q. How did the cover for your re-release come about?
A. I almost didn’t do a new cover because I loved my last one. I had the cover  for this edition ready to go. It had an updated back cover with new endorsements, and “second edition” on the font cover. But last minute I decided that because I had put so much work into this new edition I really wanted to breathe new life and focus into it and make sure it was obvious that this was a different book in many aspects so I decided to go for a new cover altogether. I wanted to go for a white, heavenly feel. I was planning a whole new photo shoot but then remembered that years ago, for options, we actually did some of the photos with a white background so luckily I already had the photos and from there we let Photoshop work it’s magic to create the cover.  

Q. What was different between your first copy and the new copy of this book?
A. There are two new chapters, several new photos, new updates, and a never before section in the back for parents.  I also used a different layout and reworked the first ten chapters for the second edition as well as tweaked the entire book.

Q. Why did you want to make these changes to your book?
A.  I wanted to make the second edition the best it could be and by adding new pictures it gives my readers an extra treat and glimpse into the time period I shared in my book.  Far as adding the parent section, I want this book to help in many ways, so this is just one more area I thought I could help parents and loved ones of those who are suffering from eating disorders.  

Q. Do you think you'll do an other re-release of this book?
A. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think I will do another edition with this many changes and reworkings. I’ve very happy with how this one turned out and I feel I was able to improve in every area I wanted to. But I will do reprintings as I sell out of stock.

Q. Are you working on any other projects?
A. Yes, I have two actually. One is connected to this book, a project I’m working on for schools and other non-denominational institutions.  
The other project is completely different. It’s about actual miracles that have occurred in people’s lives that happened while they served missions for my church (LDS). I’m collecting stories now. It will be a compilation of many peoples remarkable stories of miracles. I’m really excited about it. So if anyone has a story they want to share with me please contact me at

Q. What do you hope readers learn from reading your book?
A.  I hope they gain an awareness of how dangerous eating disorders actually are.  I hope those struggling with an eating disorder realize they need to get treatment because it will not go away on its own.  I hope people gain sympathy and understanding for those who are enduring an eating disorder and understand it is not a choice or something they can simple stop. I hope it helps others going through it know they are not alone and know that there is hope for a full and lasting recovery.

Q. Why did you want to write this book in the first place?
A.  I know it is part of my life’s plan. I didn’t want the pain and suffering I went through to be for nothing. I know there is power in my story and I want to share it to help others.

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