Hot Coco: Book Sound Track for A Future for Tomorrow

Sound Track for A Future for Tomorrow
Theme song for book, dedicated to author’s mom: Celion Dion, Because You Loved Me
Chapter 2 (page 15-16) Faith Hill, Can’t Lose Me
Chapter 7 (page 50-51) Hillary Weeks, He’ll Carry You
Chapter 14 (page 94) George Fox, Here’s Hoping There’ll Always be a Cowboy
Chapter 28 (page 195-196) Yanni, One Man’s Dream
Chapter 28 (page 196-197) Tim McGraw, My Little GIrl
Chapter 29 (page 203, Mom’s Letter) Janice Kapp Perry, The Test
Chapter 29 (page 205) Families Can Be Together Forever
Chapter 39 (page 253) Janice Kapp Perry, Song of Testimony

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