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Q. You're a young writer, what would you tell other young writers?
A. To not be afraid to try, because even if you fail you can try again and do it better or even if keep reading negative reviews about your work make a note of them and use them as constructive criticism, and read a lot it certainly helps.

Q. Is there something you know now about writing, that you wish you know when you first started writing?
A. I wish I knew to write something even if it doesn't sound perfect and then re-write it again, rather than what I was doing spending ages on a single sentence until it sounded good in my head.

Q. Do you have a must have drink when writing?
A. Depends on what time of the day I am writing coffee during the day and tea in the evening.

Q. How do you write by hand or typing?
Both I scribble ideas on paper and then I construct my chapter by typing.



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