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Guest Post
Back to My Roots: The Story Behind No More Black Magic

When I first decided I wanted to be an author, I wrote Urban Fantasy (even though that wasn’t really a genre at that point.). I was surrounded by people who read Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlene Harris and I remember thinking, gosh there’s a lot of sex in these. I was in high school and I was one of the few who had no real interest in sexual relationships. Part of it was I grew up with my extremely religious Grandmother and any talk of sex was evil. It just didn’t exist in my world and I was convinced there were people, like me, who didn’t want sex with everything they read.

I can see the confusion now, but you’re a paranormal romance author, what happened? There were two things I realized later on in life, romance, regardless of if there is sex or not, is a part of life and I needed to take opportunities as they came. I had the chance to submit for an anthology, but it required one sex scene and it had to be romance. So I bit the bullet and wrote a sex scene and submitted. I didn’t get accepted, but it made me realize that sex and real romance was what a lot of my older stories were lacking. The next time I submitted for that anthology with that in mind, I was accepted. That’s how I started writing Paranormal Romance.

So back to No More Black Magic, back to my roots of Urban Fantasy, there’s no sex in this book. There’s sexual and romantic tension, but it is not the focus. It’s there because it’s something we deal with in real life and I think the readers appreciate that. As an author, it’s nice not to have to worry about how a happily ever after is going to work out. I wrote No More Black Magic on a whim, something to get on paper, get back to what I used to write and it turned out amazing (or so my betas tell me so)

Sometimes you just have to go back to your roots and see what’s there. I hope you enjoy No More Black Magic, Here Witchy Witchy Book One.

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