Author Interview Rhiannon Frater

Q. How did the idea of your story come to you?
A. I honestly don’t remember. I believe it was in a dream. I originally conceived the story when I was a teenager and wrote the first draft long, long ago. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I found the manuscript on my hard drive that I decided to rewrite it.

Q. Do you ever add new character to your series? If so is it hard?
A. I add new characters all the time. I don’t feel it’s hard. As the world view of the primary character expands, it’s only natural for her to meet new people. In other words, as Vanora becomes an adult and her experience grows, so does the cast of characters.

Q. Who is your favorite character to write for?
A.  Well, in this series Vanora was the primary character and I loved writing about her. But there is a secondary character that shows up later in the trilogy that was just a blast to write. He’s such a jerk.

Q. How many books do you plan writing for this series?
A. There are three complete books. I’m really excited to finally have the story told in its entirety. There’s no waiting for the new readers. They can read straight through.

Q. Do you have any say in your cover formats and design?
A. Since these books were indie published and not through my publishers, I was able to collaborate with my husband. He did all the artwork on the covers. It was very exciting to see him take my ideas and create the final versions.

Q. What was the easiest scene you've written?
A. The last scene in the trilogy was the easiest because I always knew that was where the story was headed.

Q. Is "In Darkness We Must Abide" the only books you've written?
A. I have twenty-four other books published. There are two complete trilogies (As The World Dies, Pretty When She Dies), two in progress series (The Last Bastion of the Living, The Tale of the Vampire Bride), and a few standalones and short story compilations. I’m pretty prolific.

Q. Do you have any writing habits?
A. I stare into space a lot.

Q. What are your steps after writing a draft?
A. I revise multiple times. The first revision is after I read the first draft. The second is after the beta readers get back to me with their notes. Then I listen to the manuscript using a text to speech program, and revise again. Some books have up to six or seven revisions.

Q. Use three words to describe "In Darkness We Must Abide"?
A. Romantic supernatural thriller

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