Author Interview: Anna Othitis

What inspired you start writing these children’s book series “My First Travel Books” ?

I started writing these children’s books when I relocated from Zimbabwe, Africa to the USA. I found that children and adults did not know much of the world beyond them. They questioned and wanted to know more about Africa where I lived with my family all my life and in general the world beyond their borders. Not many people and children get the opportunity to visit and travel abroad. My travels have taken me to see many beautiful places and countries in our wonderful world.

Historical Wonders created by man is a wonder of its own!

Natural creations created over millions of years are amazing to see and discover!

I wanted to educate the children and give them the opportunity to visit our world by writing and illustrating inspirational places and sites. Teaching them to take care of our earth and to preserve our environment is very important, especially our wild life that is being poached today and might become extinct.

Our son, Frankie who is “Captain Frankie” in our “My First Travel Book” series took up his loved career as a pilot, his DREAM come true. He was given this wonderful opportunity to teach and educate the children of the world to become pilots, discover and fly the deep blue skies and fling into the beautiful colorful horizons high up above into the skies, just like he loves doing now.

One day they too can also be inspired to discover and take up their careers making their dreams come true.
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