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MC: “We have a very special guest appearing on our show today. She’s not your average visitor though. She’s a ghost! So if you can’t see her, just let us know and we’ll dim the lights a bit more. Alisa Callahan, come on in!”
(Alisa strolls in wearing her long, blonde hair loose and down, over her shoulders and a long, white dress, angel style. She sits down across from the MC)
MC: “Welcome, Alisa. We’re so glad you could come! Andy may I say, you look radiant!”
ALISA: “Thank you, and thanks for having me.” (She smiles demurely.)
MC: “You’re welcome. So, let’s get to the fun questions. You seems so bright, so intelligent. Why on Earth would you commit suicide?”
ALISA: (Her mouth drops and she stare at MC in surprise for a moment.) “Wow. I didn’t know you were going to lead with that question.” (She chuckles and shakes her head.) “But we might as well get the hard stuff over with first.”
“At the time—and it has been a few years now—I was so, so sad… all the time. My best friend, Natty, had died of cancer, my Gram had just passed away, and I’d endured years of sexual abuse from Natty’s dad. I just couldn’t handle life anymore… I thought. I figured things would be better or easier once I was dead. Man, was I wrong!”
MC: “Really? And why is that?”
ALISA: “Because everyone on the “other side” has a job to do. Everyone has to work. There’s not a whole lot of rest going on. I had to fix my mistakes, which was harder to do without a body. I had to atone for my sins, so-to-speak.”
MC: “Ah. And how did that make you feel?”
ALISA: “Angry at first, to be honest. But it turned out to be the best thing for me. I had to attend my own funeral and see what my choice had done to my family. It was so hard. So terrible!”
MC: “I can’t imagine! You had some struggles once you accepted the job of “Guardian.” Did those struggles help you grow also?”
ALISA: “Absolutely! My first charge was a rebel! He wouldn’t listen or accept advice, but those conflicts taught me how to deal with difficult situations. Brecken and I ended up falling in love and saving each other’s lives! I don’t know what I’d do without him now!”
MC: “That’s wonderful to hear. It really is, and I’d love to hear more sometime, but we have a surprise for you! A special guest we’ve asked to come and be a part of this show!”
ALISA: “Brecken’s here? Really?” (Alisa turns in her seat, searching for the door guests come through.)
MC: “Not exactly. Audience, please give a round of applause for Lamia, The Woman in Red, from Reluctant Guardian!”
(There’s wild applause and cheering. Alisa’s face pales, if that’s possible for a ghost and she wears an expression of horror.)
Alisa: “You didn’t tell me there would be other guests.”
(Lamia walks in and sits demurely next to Alisa on the couch. She smiles as though she has an evil secret. Alisa can only stare.)
MC: “Welcome, Queen of the Underworld. How have you been?”
(Lamia ignores MC’s question and instead turns to Alisa.
Lamia: “Hello, dear girl. It’s a pleasure to see you again. How are things with you and The Undoer?”
Alisa: “I’m not staying here with her!” she says to MC. “She tried to kill me!”
Lamia: “Oh, come. Don’t hold a grudge.”
Alisa: “You’re evil and I won’t sit next to you like nothing is wrong. You should still be in Soul Prison. How did you get out?”
(Lamia gives Alisa a small, prim smile.)
Lamia: “I have my ways.” She finally turns to MC. “I’m doing well, thank you for this invitation. I love interviews.”
MC: “Of course, of course. And may I say, you look wonderful!”
Lamia: “Yes, this body is stunning.” (She smooths her short, red skirt and crosses her legs.) “It’s not mine, but will do until it wears out. Mortals are so fragile, you know.”
MC: “Yes… well, that’s… that’s wonderful. Can you tell us what you’ve been doing since your battle with Alisa and Brecken?”
Lamia: “Oh, times were trying for a while, I assure you, but now that I’m free to roam about the world I am busy working to teach demons how to possess the mortal bodies that are so abundant here on this Earth.”
Alisa: “What?” (Alisa jumps up and turns to MC.) “That’s it. Either have her escorted out or I’m leaving. I won’t continue this show with her. Do you even know what she’s done?”
Lamia: “Temper, temper, Alisa. You’ll never become a true guardian angel with that attitude.”
MC: (MC ignores Alisa’s outburst.) “Would either of you share what you future plans are?”
Lamia: “I already told you mine.”
Alisa: “It will be my eternity’s work to put people like this back where they belong!” (She points at Lamia with righteous indignation.) “Good will always overcome evil.”
Lamia: “Whatever… as youth are prone to say now-a-days.”
(Alisa glares at Lamia and turns to MC.)
Alisa: “Thanks for the invitation, but I’m leaving.” (And with that she disappears.)
MC: “Well, then, that leaves just the two of us.” (MC glances at Lamia with a touch of nervousness.)
Lamia: “I don’t think so. You don’t hold my interest in the least. I was here only to see Alisa. That girl fascinates me. And you… you had better sleep with one eye open.” (She gives MC a wicked grin and then also disappears.)

MC: (MC stutters and glances around at the people in the auditorium.) “Well, audience. There you have it. If you have the chance, check out Reluctant Guardian and its sequels, The Elementalist and the soon to be published, The Undoer.

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