Interview with Author Mya O'Malley

1. Why did you decide to write about Hurricane Sandy? I wrote about Hurricane Sandy because I experienced the storm and the aftermath of it. I was very lucky that none of my family or friends were injured in the storm. I was without power for over a week and am glad that it wasn’t longer, as many people were still without power weeks later. I was looking for ideas for my next book and decided to take a look at the world around me during that time. Utility workers came from Georgia, Texas and Florida to help restore power in the New York area. I was impressed that these people would place their own lives on hold to help others. A story began to form in my mind.

2. Was is hard writing about something that changed so many lives? It was, and again I’m so grateful that my friends and family were safe during this time. By writing that story, it brought me back to that time, in a way, I felt as if I was experiencing the storm again. My storyline developed in the setting of Hurricane Sandy, but it then went in the direction of a love story involving two characters who struggled through many obstacles together.  

3. What was your favorite part to write in 'The Calm After the Storm'? I adored the character of Shelley, Jake’s three-year old daughter. Shelley is a precious little girl who had to deal with her own family problems.

4. How did your cover come about? Were you a part of design it? I came across DL Designs and saw this beautiful washed-out blue cover with a woman who resembled my main character, Emma. I thought that this cover would be perfect for my book, if only there was some reference to the storm. Dori from DL Designs was wonderful, she took the original cover image and created a stormy background. I feel as if Emma is looking at the storm now from a distance with the sun hitting her as she starts a new chapter in her life.

5. Are you working on any new writing projects? I’m currently working on a new contemporary romance involving a U.S. Marine and his fiancĂ©. I don’t want to say much more at this point, as the story is just developing. I’m very excited about writing this book and look forward to creating these interesting characters.

6. What do you hope readers take away from this book? I hope that my readers will enjoy finding out about Emma and Jake’s complicated love story, and hope that readers root for my main characters to fight for their love. I feel that this book has some interesting subplots as well, such as family drama.

7. Do you believe that love can last through something like a hurricane?
Absolutely! And I think that readers will have their own feelings about this as well if they read The Calm After the Storm.

8. How is this book different then your other's?  I believe that my writing style is similar, but this book involves more subplots and some intense family drama.  In this story, some of my supporting characters have some deep-rooted issues that were interesting to write about.

9. Have you ever thought of making your books into audio books? I would love to have my books go into audio, as some of my readers have inquired about.

10. What is your favorite part of putting out a new book? I would have to say revealing and promoting the cover- I have been so lucky to have beautiful covers and I’m proud to show them off.  I love being a part of blog tours, too, where I can promote in so many creative ways. Overall, I’m super excited to get my books out there for others to enjoy!

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