Hot Coco - The Sanctuary Character Interview

Part I: Let's Start at the Beginning...

1. What's your name? 

Kalare Tarachand

2. Give me your full name... 

Kalare Chael Tarachand

3. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it? 

Kay is my nickname by those closest to me. Those I help raise often call me Aunt Kay. It is

just a short form of my name and is much easier for a child to say than Kalare.

4. What species are you? I know you have some special gifts that aren’t entirely human.

I am a guardian angel. I was created to protect those who need it most, children.

5. Where/when were you born? 

I was created in Heaven a very long time ago. My earliest memories are of people talking

about what it was like to be around the Jesus as he grew up.

6. Okay, you believe that you are good or bad or are those terms not definable? 

I believe I am good. My Father created me to help mankind and protect those who need

extra protection. I am by no means perfect but I try to do the best I can.

Part II: Tell Us More About Yourself...

8. How would you describe your personality? 

I am easy to get along with and just want to help those who cannot otherwise help those

in need. I have a bit of a temper at times and I'm very protective of those I care about.

9. Would you say you're someone who can handle pressure? What’s a good example? 

I believe so. I am not human. Nor are many of the people I help so I have to keep a cool

head when helping a being who does not want the general population to know that their kind

exists. The world knows of the shape shifters. I'm not saying I help fairies or anything so out of

this world, but there may be more than shape shifters who need to come see me from time to


10.. Do you get along with others? 

Of course. I love to meet new people.

13. Who are your main enemies, people you would like to see stopped from whatever they are 


Well, of course there is Lucifer. He used to be one of my kind until he turned his back on

all of us and our Creator. Anyone who follows him and harms others, they are the ones who

need to be stopped.

14. How about allies? 

My friends are my allies. I have a few I trust implicitly but most of those I help I consider

allies, even if we do not necessarily get along because of different personalities.

15. What is one things that you would like to see happen in the immediate future?

I would really love to see the treaty pushed through without a hitch. The shape shifters

are trying to prove to the world that they are not monsters. The treaty will benefit everyone and

help the rest of the world understand the same, hopefully.

Part III: Hypothetically...

16. Suppose that you could become any creature you know of. What would you pick, and why? 

I am actually very happy being what I am. I would be happier without this pesky curse,

but I love who and what I am.

17. One of your enemies in question 13 just complimented you. What is your response? 

I would thank them and make sure they weren't saying such a thing to distract me from

whatever was going on.

18. One of your allies in Question 14 just insulted you. What is your response?

I would simply tell them that it was rude and they should think before they speak. There

is no reason to put a rift between the two of us over a phrase they may not have intended to be

insulting. If it was intended, I'd like to know where it came from and how we can fix it.

19. If you could change anything about yourself... 

I'd like to be more understanding with those who cursed me. I have a hard time trusting

any of them even though it was one person a very long time ago and they no longer exist.

20. Tell me about where you grew up… 

I grew up in Heaven. I was created as you see me now though, it is not as though I was a

child. My attitudes and ideals were much more childlike back then, however. It was so beautiful.

There was a brilliant ambient light that came from above. The grass grew soft under our feet

and trees grew large to offer shade from the light. Music could be heard from up high or on the

ground. There was very rarely any pain or sorrow, save when one of our charges fell. We were

there to protect but we could not force them to do things. The angels flew and walked as we so

chose and we enjoyed our time with one another, learning and laughing. There were times of

quiet solitude and those were just as wonderful. Think of your favorite place in the world, doing

your favorite activity. Even if it is just for a moment, you can feel that sense of peace and

overwhelming joy. That is just a glimpse of what my home is like.

Part IV: Now We Get Personal

21. What're your parents like? 

I don't have parents in the traditional sense. I was created by my Father as you see me

now, though with less scars. He is a very good Father and I love Him dearly.

22. Do you have any siblings? 

Yes and no. Because we are all created, we are brethren. We may call one another

brother or sister but we are also not related. If that makes any sense.

23. What's your occupation? Do you like it? 

I was a guardian angel, before I came to live here. Now I am a music tutor and I run the


24. Are you seeing/dating anyone? 

*smiles a bit sadly* There is another angel who has my heart. I do not know if he has

moved on after a little more than two centuries though. I cannot return home and my brethren

do not know that I am still alive most likely. That is the way of things.

26. If not, did you ever think about getting engaged or married and to whom?

I have not. Nor will I until I know my Velarian is happy once more.

27. Tell us your biggest secret. 

If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now, would it?

28. Your worst fear? You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to. 

I don't know of any worse fear than to fall. Not trip and stumble, but actually turn my

ideas and my heart away from my Creator. To join Lucifer and his.....minions. I do not believe

that it can be forced upon me but I fear every day that the choices I make take me farther from

my desire to return home.

29.  Tell us one thing you're the most proud of and why?

I am most proud of those I consider my children. From Sophie all the way down to my

godson Patrick. They are my everything and I do what I can to protect them from harm. They

know what I am and they keep my secret. I hope the next in line does the same. They are my

reason to keep going when I feel like I cannot.

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