Author Interview Cheryl Carpinello

Q. Did you use real facts about Egypt's history in your book?
  1. Yes-Ankhesenamun’s body/tomb not found; Horemheb, general then pharaoh believed Akhenaten & family not fit to rule

Q. What is it about Egypt that drew you into writing a book around that time?
  1. Love the mystery & magic surrounding the pharaohs; fascination w/pyramids/sphinx lasting millenniums

Q.What is one of your favorite part of your book; without giving away too much?
A.  Without a doubt, the Window of Appearances which is historical fact

Q. If you could spend a day in your book would you? If so what would you do? If not why?
A.  Go back 2 the Sphinx/Pyramids as they were before Napoleon came & explore the Valley of the Kings/Queens

Q. Was there any time during writing the book that was hard for you?
A. Figuring how to write the story I wanted to tell. Worked on this for 2 years before settling on the current format

Q. Was there something you wanted to add to the story but didn't?
A. Yes. Additional background that went into Tutankhamen Speaks-

Q. Would you agree to help the ghost of King Tut?
A. I’m not sure I would help any ghost! But, King Tut would be a top candidate.

Q. Is this book a series? If so how many more books? If not why?
A. At the moment, Sons of the Sphinx is a stand-alone book. No good ideas have come to me for another adventure for Rosa. Maybe later.

Q. Would/have you dressed up as an Egypt queen? Why, or why not?
A. Maybe when I was in elementary school. More self-conscious now & probably don’t have the body. They didn’t wear a lot of clothes

Q. What is your favorite thing about writing?
A. Seeing the story in my head coming alive on paper and then holding it in my hands as a print book.

Q. What keeps you writing when you have writer’s block?
A.  I start writing in my head, running through storylines to see what works/doesn’t work. Then I go back to writing it down.

Q. How do you write, pen & paper, computer or other?
A.  I always write my complete 1st draft out using pen & paper. A hold-over habit from teaching writing.

Q. What is one random fact about yourself? 
A.  I actually spent 3 weeks in Egypt visiting nearly all the places in Sons of the Sphinx and then some.

Q. Do you have an odd writing habit? 
A. Only that I don’t write each day using pen/paper or computer. I write a lot in my head. I call it Brain Work.

Q. What was your favorite read of 2014?
A.  “The Nile” by Toby Wilkinson & “White Fire” by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Childs

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